Designing for VR

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Virtual reality is cool, there’s no denying it. Yet it’s still in its infant stages, and there aren’t that many consolidated design guidelines around (Oculus does have a really good Best Practices doc though). And so I’ve decided to come up with my own set of general guidelines, based on my personal experience with VR, as well as some of the stuff I learnt at the recent Game Developers’ Conference (more on that here).

Note that this guide doesn’t have a specific headset in mind, and that I am by no means an expert in this subject.

On simulator sickness

As many as one in two people suffer from sim sickness. I myself have it really bad – think not being able to eat (and eating is my favorite thing in life!) after spending a day developing a VR experience, or wanting to puke after an experience which over a hundred other people have tried and are fine. Yet I still love VR, especially those which don’t make me feel sick after. Yes, it’s possible to eliminate sim sickness from an experience!

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